Do you have a personal brand? A public mark of approval that sets you apart with a persuasive characterization of your strengths and accomplishments? One that recognizes, confirms and makes public your personal attributes in ways that will connect you with an ever-expanding list of life opportunities? A first impression that has been specifically created to elevate the visibility of your personal credibility above the rest of the crowd?

We each have a brand–are you wearing yours well?

It could be said that very few people have a comprehensive personal brand and for the most part very few of us ever think about it. So, how does one say, “I am highly qualified and credible, trustworthy, dependable and make wise choices” without looking like an arrogant self-promoter? Yet who would not want others to know they possess these attributes?

Stay tuned….


  1. TheGirl says:

    My brand is TheReporterandTheGirl!

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